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United in the belief that no person should go hungry

What is hunger?

For most people, the idea of global hunger evokes heartbreaking images of people suffering through extended famine or drought. 

A more complete definition of hunger includes when people do not have enough food—or enough nutritious food—over a long period of time. This kind of chronic hunger is less visible but has major effects on people’s lives. 

Millions of people are facing hunger worldwide and do not enjoy “food security,” meaning they do not have regular access to enough nutritious food to live healthy and active lives. 

A Ration Meal

Host a ration meal at lunch hour or another time. You could have a ration meal for your class, youth group, or invite the whole community to an evening event Learn together about emergency food given to people in crisis situations or when sufficient food is not accessible. 

Seven ways the global pandemic made it harder for people to feed their families

The pandemic has created significant challenges for people around the world. For the millions facing hunger, the disruptions to food systems and economic slowdown are creating new challenges. Now, more than ever, food assistance and protecting people’s livelihoods are essential.

Exploring Type of Food Assistance

A breakdown anywhere in a food system prevents people from having regular access to enough nutritious food to lead active & healthy lives. This digital game allows you to learn about different types of emergency food assistance that are distributed when the food system is disrupted. 

2 minutes to watch & learn

What is food security?

Achieving our goal of ending global hunger often means providing food for people in need, but we know that more is needed to ensure people enjoy regular access to enough nutritious food to lead healthy and active lives.  

Breaking the cycle of Hunger

10 minutes to play & learn

Did you know that most of the people who experience hunger globally are small-scale farmers. After years of progress against global hunger the number of hungry people in the world is rising again.

Take turns rolling the die and moving around the gameboard as a small-scale farmer in a developing country. You have enough food to get by day-to-day but don’t have food stored for the future. You don’t have money to spend on learning and experimenting with new farming methods. Your goal is to break the cycle of food shortage and hunger.

We can all play a part in ending world hunger

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