Take action against global hunger

As a Christian faith community, will you stand up?


Download prayers, litanies, and music to focus your worship on addressing the injustice of hunger. Join other churches in a moment of unity and prayer on October 16 2022.


Access stories and suggestions for contributing financially to increase access to food for people who are struggling to feed their families.


Grow your awareness with resources to help families, churches, youth groups or Sunday school classes learn more about why global hunger numbers are on the rise.


Values of compassion and generosity are needed for a global community where poverty and hunger are no longer acceptable. But values alone do not create change.

Monday October 16, 2023

This World Food Day - Will you join us?

For many Canadians, the news of the growing hunger crisis can feel really far away – but in this global village, everyone is our neighbour. On Monday, October 16, 2023, churches across Canada will stand together with people, organizations and communities of faith around the globe, and unite in prayer for an end to the injustices of hunger.

Resources are available to help your faith community join the conversation, including videos, worship service outline, prayers, music, activities, and a national prayer gathering.

It is time to stand up TOGETHER

Join with churches across Canada

Until All Are Fed

A worship resource to focus on global hunger 

United in prayer and action

United in prayer and action

Working together to end global hunger

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 church and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger. We support programs implemented by our member churches and agencies through their local partner organizations in countries around the world.