Be a voice for ending global hunger!

Values alone do not create change.

When we come together and speak up, our voices make a difference.

Values of compassion and generosity are needed for a global community where poverty and hunger are no longer acceptable. But values alone do not create change.

Our government has an important role in providing assistance. And adding voices from churches, and individuals like you, helps hold governments to account and makes a real improvement in people’s access to basic rights, like food.

If decision makers don’t hear from their constituents, they may assume people don’t care about global hunger. 

Please voice your support by writing a letter to the Minister of Environment & Climate Change, and the Minister of International Development, this is a quick action you can take that can make a big difference!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has estimated that globally up to

0 million

additional people are at risk of hunger by 2050.

Aid for agriculture at a glance:

Climate resilient food systems infographic

Our current food system fails to meet the needs of most people or our planet.

Since 2014, climate change, conflict and economic downturns have halted a decade-long decline in hunger. Now COVID-19 has led to devastating increases in food insecurity. Something is wrong!

Our current food system both contributes to climate change and is threatened by its impacts. Without action on climate change, hunger is likely to rise even higher in years to come.

Why does Canadian Foodgrains Bank care?

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of Canadian churches and church-based agencies working to end global hunger. The impacts of climate change are making it harder for small-scale farmers to provide food for their families and communities. We also know through the agriculture and livelihood projects we support that enabling farmers to adapt to climate change can have multiple benefits: increased food security, more household income, better resilience to disasters, and a more hopeful future.